Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Full Freezer

Today I made my final trip of the year to pick-up our free-range chickens. I bought 20 chickens and two bags of chicken feet. I have heard that adding the feet to broth makes it extra rich. I'll be trying it this winter. I have a recipe for some healing soup that I will be making if anyone around here gets sick.

My freezers are completely full now. As well as, the chicken we have just gotten a calf and two deer back from the processor. I also have a few bags of veggies left over from the summer garden. I love a full freezer. It had gotten quite empty. It will take us about a year to use all of the meat.

Buying meat from local farms and eating wild game is one of the changes I have made to our diet within the last year. I feel much better about what I am feeding my family. As a wife and mother it is my responsibility to see that I am providing the healthiest food possible for my family. Visit for information on eating local grass-fed meats.

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randa mae said...

Hey Holli! Just wondering if you got my email the other day?
Love ya!