Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Someone New is Coming in May...

Just wanted to let everyone now that God has seen fit to bless us with another child.
I went yesterday for my first visit and a heartbeat check. We couldn't hear a heartbeat but a quick ultrasound revealed a tiny baby with a beating heart! I am 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we are due May 16.


*Weeks 5-9 were the most difficult of any pregnancy in respect to the all-day nausea. I usually have no nausea at all. But this time I've been nauseated and craving every fast food imaginable.

*Chris is convinced that we will be having another bouncing baby boy. So convinced that he says we don't even need to think of any girl names.

*During circle time we have been learning about Christians in different countries using the Samaritan's Purse prayer guide. One of the Christians was a pastor in Pakistan. When we asked Boo what he wanted to name the baby he said Pakistan.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Family Vision

Where there is no vision the people perish... Proverbs 29:18a

If a group of people can perish without a vision for the future, so to can a family. God prompted our hearts a couple of years ago to pray about and discuss a vision for our family. We had always had certain dreams for the future, but a family vision seemed to give us a road map to follow.

Here are some of the visions we have for our family:

1. We believe we have been called by God to educate our children in the home.
2. We desire to move to a home with several acres of land, so that we are more able to grow and produce our own food.
3. We want Chris to be able to work form home with the family.
4. We desire to raise our children so that we convey to them that their chief purpose in life is to glorify God by living a life of obedience, holiness and conformity to God's perfect plan .

Now having these visions clearly outlined helps us make decisions from day to day. When we are faced with a choice we have some guidelines to help us answer these questions. For example, when we are asked by people if Bo is going to pre-school or isn't he almost old enough to go to school? We can confidently answer no we have chosen to homeschool. Now, I would leave it at that with most people, but if questions persist, I can say with confidence that sending him to public school or pre-school does not fit into the plan we have for our family.

Chris recently had the opportunity to go on an alternate schedule at work. It was a hard decision, but ultimately, more time at home seemed to win out. This decision fit perfectly with the third vision for our family which is Chris being able to work at home. It is not fulfilling this vision, but it is a step closer.

Lastly, we made the decision to not have a television in our home (only for a few pre-selected movies). This fits in well with the fourth vision for our family. Television seems to be one of the biggest time wasters in most homes. Before we got rid of our television, we would sit in front of it for 3-4 hours per night. Let's see 3-4 hours of the worlds standards being pumped into our homes or 3-4 hours spent with our children playing, having family worship and reading. There really is no comparison. Television would have stood in the way of our fourth vision. If we were constantly watching shows that glorify sin, make jokes of God's perfect plan for man and woman and advertisements that develop a must-have attitude we really would not be instilling in our children a healthy respect for obedience to God, a realization that life is about holiness not happiness and an understanding that God's plan is perfect, not the worlds.

So having a vision based on the Word of God really helps guide our daily decisions. If a decision comes up all we have to do is search God's Word, pray and consult the list of visions God has given for our family.

Still Learning...

Happy Anniversary

It was eleven years ago this month (October 18, 1997) that Chris and I married. With each year that goes by, life with one another gets sweeter. We have grown from two individuals into one as we share the same vision and goals for our family.

I am honored to be the keeper of Chris' home and the mother of his children. There is no place I would rather be than in his arm's surrounded by our little blessings.

I love the way my heart still pounds when I see him turning in the driveway after work.

I love the way he leads us in family worship.

I love the way he loves our children.

I love the way he can always make me smile.

I love the way he can fix anything that is broken.

I love you Chris!



Friday, October 10, 2008

Gifts from above...

chubby legs...determined...arms reaching...pulling up the ladder...giggles...hurrying to the slide...weeeeee...she squeals

big brothers...hovering...helping baby sister along..catching her when she falls...learning how to protect

little ones...surrounded by God's creatures...lambs...goats...geese...chicks...kittens...puppies...mesmerized by the soft fur and wet noses...little fingers...gently stroking...enjoying

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thrifty Grocery Shopping Challenge Report

I managed to stay within my budget of 550.00 for the month of September.

I didn't have to take an extra trip to Wal-mart. I managed for 4 weeks and 2 days with only spending 100.00 there.

I wasn't so lucky this month I was out of a few more larger items and budgeted 150.00 for Wal-mart I made it out spending 170.00 I still have about 200.00 left for the month. After Wal-mart, co-op order, 2 milk runs and 2 PW trips.

Our calf is ready at the processors. I always look forward to another freezer full of meat.


One step closer...

We are one step closer to our dreams of farm life. We have added nine laying hens to our family. We are only getting one egg a day now from the oldest hen. We can't wait for the others to begin laying soon.

Houses up for sale... Slow economy...uncertainties....

So, we just decided to make a few steps in the direction of farm life at our current location. So we have nine laying hens in a movable coop. They are fertilizing the ground for my next years garden if we are still here.

Hmmm, wonder if I can talk Chris into a milk cow and lamb?

Still Learning...