Friday, August 27, 2010

Sketch Tuesday

Here's our last two Sketch Tuesday drawings...

The first challenge was to sketch something alive in the garden.  This watermelon provided the perfect subject for little hands.

The next challenge was to sketch something that is alive in the zoo.
I let the boys choose an animal from the animal bucket to sketch.
Bo chose the lion and Boo chose the elephant.

Butterflies...Challenge 22

We had a lot of fun with the challenge on butterflies.  The little ones love catching and observing all kinds of critters.  When I noticed we were starting the insect challenges, I knew the littles would be excited.  We began the challenge by taking a walk to our overgrown garden.  I thought this would be a perfect place to spot some butterflies.  Sure, enough we noticed a couple of butterflies right away.  Our zinnias still have a few blooms and  butterflies can be found there regularly.

After observing a couple of butterflies, we sat in the shade of a tree near the garden and read Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons.

It was getting late and the butterflies had gone so we decided to continue the challenge the next day.  While the sun was shining bright the next day we used the net to capture a specimen to study up close.
Bo quickly caught a butterfly and we put it in Boo's new bug box that he had gotten for his birthday.  The littles came in and drew a picture of the butterfly in their nature notebooks.  Bo also drew the life cycle of a butterfly in his notebook. After finishing our drawings, we let the butterfly go and we can't wait to study moths for the next challenge.
We saw a...
 Eastern tiger swallowtail
black swallowtail
gulf fritillary
Cloudless Sulphur (I think)
I'm not sure what kind of butterfly is on the sunflower stem in the picture above.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reflecting on His Gifts...

boy shoes...tossed on the floor...right in the walkway...but I so love the little feet that slip them on each day

careless little up after himself...pushing it behind the entertainment center...instead of where it belongs...mama talks about diligence...a few days later I notice little man cleaning it up all on his own..."I've been thinking about what I did momma...and today I cleaned it up." heart swells with pride

boys napping away...momma and her girls sneak out to LouLou's outside play kitchen...a few moments just to play with my girls...

Legos...all over the floor...evidence of little ones creativity...can I leave my creation one more day...

bamboo gathered from a neighbor...little ones working diligently to build a tepee...a ladder...sawing...hammering...working together to accomplish a goal...

big brothers...who adore little sisters...watching out for them...protecting them...always trying to put a smile on there faces

Summer Tree Study...Challenge 20

We continued our study of the dogwood tree this summer.  When we walked out to the tree the first thing we did was feel the bark and close our eyes and listen for any sounds we could here around our tree.  We heard the breeze rustling the leaves and a few birds singing in a tree nearby.  We looked around for any signs of life in the tree.  We noticed birds flying around, but no birds landing in the dogwood.

The boys helped one another make rubbings of the bark.  They also chose a leaf to take inside and rub.  We compared our tree to what it had looked like in spring.  Boo noticed that the blooms were gone.  Bo noticed that some of the leaves were getting brown, dry spots on them.  We looked at the berries and the enclosed blossoms that had already formed for next year.

We came inside and drew a picture of our tree and placed our bark and leaf rubbings in our nature notebooks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Boy who likes to...
wear long sleeved shirts with his overalls...because that's what real farmers do
play with Legos
set up a farm with his tractors and animals
help with garden or yard work
ask questions...questions...and more questions
snuggle with mommy and daddy
play with his brother and sisters

What I really love about this boy at the moment is that he said, his best birthday present was that his great-grandfather got to some home from the hospital.  He wanted to have his party at his house because he can't come to ours.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Challenges 18 and 19

I've gotten a little behind in posting our Outdoor Hour Challenges.  We enjoyed challenges 18 and 19.  We were able to complete these in our garden.  We took a walk to the sunflowers and zinnias to see if we could spot any bees or butterflies.

Sure enough there were several butterflies and bees.  Here are the best pictures of each.

We talked about the importance of bees to our crops.  I explained that if we did not have bees to pollinate our crops we would not have had very many vegetables.  We remembered back to the spring when we noticed bees with sacks of pollen on their sides.  When bees collect pollen they spread it from one flower to the next.  This is how our crops are pollinated.
We also talked about flowers and plants making seeds for the next years crop after they are pollinated.  Here we examined a sunflower head, hanging full of sunflower seeds.

We came in and drew in our nature notebooks. 

Challenge 19 was a good continuation of what we had learned for the last challenge.  We collected seeds from a variety of plants in our garden.  We taped the seeds in our nature notebooks and labeled each one.
Next, we planted one of the pea seeds that we saved from our crop.  I hope we did a good job saving them so they will germinate.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Few More Days...

I have only a few more days to enjoy my sweet four year old...because on Wednesday he turns five.
He wanted me to play Legos with him the other night while everyone else was watching a movie.  So we worked together to build a few things...but the most important thing we did was spend time enjoying one another.  I love him so!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Can A Toddler Get Into???

Let's just say she keeps me on my toes.  For some reason she seems to get into things more than the other littles did at this age.

She's on the table multiple times per day checking for crumbs, leftover food, and drink glasses.  I do feed the little one, so she must enjoy searching for food.

Today she dropped something into the vase we use for spare change in our closet.  I guess she tried to get it out and decided to push the vase over.  It didn't survive.

She took LouLou's booster seat out of the chair and climbed up to see what LouLou had left of her lunch.  There was half of a drink left and she spilled it all over the table and floor.

She also decided to climb into the bathtub and try running some bathwater with her clothes still on.

But for some reason when she reaches those arms up and I hold her close the little hugs she gives makes it all worth the trouble.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sketching is becoming a favorite at our house.  Both boys love to spend time sketching something mommy displays for them.  Bo is doing a great job.  He remembers all we learned from Drawing with Children.  I can see big improvements in his ability  to draw since I began allowing him to sketch actual objects, instead of showing him step-by-step how to draw something.

Boo wants to do school every time Bo and I do.  We have almost completed his alphabet book.  I think I will begin Drawing with Children with Boo this fall.  He is very eager to sketch, he usually requires a little guidance.

Here is Bo sketching a few school supplies.  I also let him sketch a pepper and a turtle they found in the garden.  The center of his picture is the turtle and he learned a lesson about using your finger to paint over the watercolor crayons rather than a brush.

Here is Boo's sketches of the same things.

Here is Bo sketching something with words on it.
I am following Harmony Art Mom's recommendations for Sketch Tuesday.  I am so glad I am getting back into the swing of schooling with art and nature study first.  We have so much fun with these and I don't want to let them slip through the cracks.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bobbing For Pears, Anyone?

Today, Bo came into the kitchen as I was mixing the biscuits for lunch and asked for a big, clean bowl.
"Why do you need a big, clean bowl?" I ask.

"Because I want to bob for apples," he replied

"I don't have any apples," I say.  "Oh man, do you have anything like that?"
"We have a few pears."  "That will work, where are they?"
He grabs the bowl and pears and runs outside.  The bowl was soon filled with water.  I place it under the shade tree for the littles.

And Ohhh what fun we had!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gifts to Enjoy...

smiley face brighten our day

a little turtle tucked away under a tomato plant...enjoying a feast...the littles squealing with excitement as they catch him to show daddy

little boys...who love to rescue and care for all of God's creatures

a chainsaw chain heart...made by a sweet little boy