Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question of the Day

Are you still my mommy since you got your hair cut? Boo 4 years

Gifts from above...

chubby arms...wrapping around my neck....I wuv you mommy...whispered in my ear

waking each morning to find my sweet baby snuggled close to my side

my two little men...eager to help..."what else can I do for you mommy?"

time alone with my boys...showing them my special place at the spring...exploring God's beautiful world together

beginning our journey into home education

hugging my he sings in my ear...children giggling all around our feet

little ones begging for a sandwich hug..."It's my turn now!"

little face...turned upward...drinking in the sunset..."It's bootiful ain't it"?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Circle Time Schedule

Here's a weekly schedule of our Circle Time:

Praise the Lord time
The beginning: a perfect home from The Jesus Storybook Bible
Artist/Art print of the week
ASL/Spanish practice-review previously learned signs, count to ten in Spanish
Household Rule for the Week
Prayer/Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord time
Psalm of the Day (We are going through Psalms from beginning to end)
Poem of the week from Kindergarten Gems
Prayer requests/prayer

Praise the Lord time
Genesis 1-2 (corresponds with Jesus Storybook reading)
Review art of the week
Review rule of the week
Prayer/Prayer requests

Praise the Lord time
Proverbs of the Day reading
Rule for the week practice
Spanish/ASL practice
Prayer/Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord time
Reading from Missionary Heroism
Modern day Missionary
Poem of the Week review
Prayer/Prayer requests

I am working on ideas to implement calendar, weather graphing and new of the day.
I leave Saturday and Sunday unplanned so we can catch up on any circle time we might have missed or had to cut short.

Our Circle Time

I have been trying to implement a form of circle time for some time now. I have never been very structured in my line for this time together. Just picking up the Bible and reading a quick passage and praying together. Since Bo has started his Kindergarten year, I have written out plans for our weekly circle times.

Each week our circle time begins with a new chapter of the Jesus Storybook Bible. I highly recommend this resource for teaching your children that Christ is the central figure in God's word.

We also have Psalm of the day, Proverb of the day and the corresponding scripture from the Jesus Storybook.

Most days, we open our circle time with praise and worship. I have also added artist study, poetry and ASL and Spanish practice to our time together.

We always close with prayer requests and a prayer.

Fridays are special circle time days when we try to focus on missions.
We are reading from The Adventures of Missionary Heroism. We also read about modern day missionaries from Samaritan's Purse prayer guide.

Some things I want to implement:
calendar, weather graphing, news of the day

want more circle time ideas...visit here


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Schooling has Begun

Bo started his first official day of homeschool on Monday.
He was very excited. He dressed himself right away and helped with morning chores so we could get started. I took his picture and our first two activities lasted about 15 minutes. We came back later and finished up with about 15 more minutes total. That's part of the beauty of homeschool when he finishes his work he is free to play and explore.

Our activities Monday:
Good Shepherd Math
Phonics letter recognition/sound assessment
Handwriting readiness worksheet
History Reading

During circle time we cover bible reading, praise, rules of our home, art or poetry, and missions

I'll post more about our resources and schedule later.