Friday, August 21, 2009

Circle Time Schedule

Here's a weekly schedule of our Circle Time:

Praise the Lord time
The beginning: a perfect home from The Jesus Storybook Bible
Artist/Art print of the week
ASL/Spanish practice-review previously learned signs, count to ten in Spanish
Household Rule for the Week
Prayer/Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord time
Psalm of the Day (We are going through Psalms from beginning to end)
Poem of the week from Kindergarten Gems
Prayer requests/prayer

Praise the Lord time
Genesis 1-2 (corresponds with Jesus Storybook reading)
Review art of the week
Review rule of the week
Prayer/Prayer requests

Praise the Lord time
Proverbs of the Day reading
Rule for the week practice
Spanish/ASL practice
Prayer/Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord time
Reading from Missionary Heroism
Modern day Missionary
Poem of the Week review
Prayer/Prayer requests

I am working on ideas to implement calendar, weather graphing and new of the day.
I leave Saturday and Sunday unplanned so we can catch up on any circle time we might have missed or had to cut short.

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