Friday, August 13, 2010


Sketching is becoming a favorite at our house.  Both boys love to spend time sketching something mommy displays for them.  Bo is doing a great job.  He remembers all we learned from Drawing with Children.  I can see big improvements in his ability  to draw since I began allowing him to sketch actual objects, instead of showing him step-by-step how to draw something.

Boo wants to do school every time Bo and I do.  We have almost completed his alphabet book.  I think I will begin Drawing with Children with Boo this fall.  He is very eager to sketch, he usually requires a little guidance.

Here is Bo sketching a few school supplies.  I also let him sketch a pepper and a turtle they found in the garden.  The center of his picture is the turtle and he learned a lesson about using your finger to paint over the watercolor crayons rather than a brush.

Here is Boo's sketches of the same things.

Here is Bo sketching something with words on it.
I am following Harmony Art Mom's recommendations for Sketch Tuesday.  I am so glad I am getting back into the swing of schooling with art and nature study first.  We have so much fun with these and I don't want to let them slip through the cracks.


Melissa said...

What a terrific start!
We are going to be using Drawing With Children this fall as well!

Crystal said...

I started looking over the Drawing with Children book. I am excited about starting it. I think we will start Sketch Tuesday soon. Ella will love it. By the way, Caleb is getting ready for another birthday, isn't he? Tell him "Happy early birthday" for us. See you at Christmas time.