Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer Tree Study...Challenge 20

We continued our study of the dogwood tree this summer.  When we walked out to the tree the first thing we did was feel the bark and close our eyes and listen for any sounds we could here around our tree.  We heard the breeze rustling the leaves and a few birds singing in a tree nearby.  We looked around for any signs of life in the tree.  We noticed birds flying around, but no birds landing in the dogwood.

The boys helped one another make rubbings of the bark.  They also chose a leaf to take inside and rub.  We compared our tree to what it had looked like in spring.  Boo noticed that the blooms were gone.  Bo noticed that some of the leaves were getting brown, dry spots on them.  We looked at the berries and the enclosed blossoms that had already formed for next year.

We came inside and drew a picture of our tree and placed our bark and leaf rubbings in our nature notebooks.

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