Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Trip to a Farm

Since I have changed the way we eat around here, I make many more trips to buy local produce, dairy, and meat products.

Friday I traveled to a farm about forty minutes away to buy our milk, cheese and butter. I carry my own glass containers and they fill them with milk at the farm. This time I bought 2 gallons of milk, 2 blocks of cheese, and a 1lb of butter.

The milk comes from mostly grass-fed jersey cows, they are fed a small amount of grain at milking time. It is delicious. The cheese was awesome. This time I bought farmer and pepperjack. I haven't used the butter yet, but I'm sure it is tasty.

Here are the following changes I've made within the last couple of years. Keep in mind that I have implemented these slowly, it takes time to change the way a family eats.

1. Local raw (unpasteurized, non-homogonized) milk, and cheese. (Occasionally butter, if not local I buy Organic Valley from the store.).

2. We buy our beef and poultry from local farmers we know and trust. The beef is grass-fed. The chickens are pastured. We eat wild game (deer) that my dad harvests during deer season.

3. We use eggs from local farmers that come from free-range hens.

4. We use only unrefined, natural sweeteners: raw honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, sucanat or Rapadura.

5. I soak all grains and beans, 12-24 hours before cooking to enhance nutrient absorption.

6. We use organic fruits and vegetables. I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) that delivers fresh organic vegetables weekly. I also shop at the local farmers market. Fruit is a little more difficult to find locally. I buy the organic options in the stores. If money is tight, I use the dirty dozen as a guide. (http://www.foodnews.org/) I also plant a small summer and winter garden here at home.

Coming soon the changes I am working on making and the ones that haven't worked well for us!

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randa mae said...

Have you found this way of buying groceries to be more expensive?