Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outdoor Nature Hour

Yesterday we completed the first of the Outdoor Hour Nature Challenges.  A couple of years ago I started these challenges.  We only did one official challenge.  Now that Bo has started some educational activities I wanted to include the nature challenges as part of our homeschool.

We were off for a stroll in the pasture.  We stopped by the hay barn for a look around.  The boys are always turning over logs and rocks to see what they can find.  Behind the barn Bo turns over a block and he finds several roli-polis (pill bugs).  We gather a couple for closer observation so we can draw in our nature notebooks.

We then take a stroll out to the barn.  I noticed a large black plastic mat on the ground and I decided to move it.  Much to my surprise there was a wonderful little nature study creature!  There was a little mouse sitting very still hoping not to be noticed.  Bo got a great picture.

The little ones were so excited.  We were all gathered around the mouse watching it when it ran between Boo's feet trying to get back to the mat.  I am sorry to say we were not the only ones on the nature walk.  Lucky the cat lived up to her name on this walk.  Just as the mouse ran between Boo's feet she grabbed the mouse and took off.  We were unable to rescue the little critter.  I honestly thought the cat was over beside the barn when we were looking at the mouse.  She had walked up behind me and I didn't know she  was there.

Bo was a little upset, but everyone else took it quite well.  Our nature study extension this week will be focusing on predators and their prey;-)

When we got home we did draw the mouse and roli-polis in our nature notebooks and we looked up what the footprints of mice look like.  Boo also found a branch from a pine tree the was very proud of.  We will correctly identify the tree and draw it in his notebook.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Welcome back to the challenges. I really enjoyed reading your entry and what a great photo of the mouse! That must have been pretty exciting to see the cat snatch it away and I think it was great that you could take the opportunity to talk about predators and prey. That is a hard nature study lesson for little ones but really important.

I am really looking forward to following your entries.

Thanks for sharing your posts withe the carnival too!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Party of Eight said...

What a great surprise! My kids would've loved seeing the mouse, too (outside of course!) Love your family pictures :)

Michelle said...

What a fun adventure with the mouse! I love your plans to turn it into a study on predators/prey! Great job.

P.S. You have a beautiful family! *Ü*

Alex said...

You have a beautiful family! Lucky you to see a live mouse..we have found mice on our nature walks..but not live ones :(

Holli said...

Yes we were very excited over the mouse. He was sooo cute I *almost* could have picked him up.