Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Enjoying my moments...

1. Instead of just reading a bible story, I took the time to act it out with the little ones. It was so much fun hearing the giggles and seeing their smiling faces. This is a moment I want to experience more often.

pillows piled high...walls of Jericho...crashing after we marched around our pretend city

2. Instead of just dropping something by the neighbors, I stayed to visit for a few minutes. We have so much in common and live very close, yet we never knew until recently.

chatting with a neighbor...who's quickly becoming a friend...sharing ideas...laughing together

3. Instead of laying my nursling down for a nap, I rock her and hold her and look at her.

sweet sleeping baby face...smiling in her dreams...eyelashes brushing cheeks...peace

choosing to make more moments...

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