Thursday, January 14, 2010

Outside again...finally

"Never be within doors when you can rightly be without."
-Charlotte Mason

Ms. Mason would be so proud.  After being cooped up in the house for about 3 weeks with terribly cold weather, we had a beautiful day yesterday!  I wanted so badly to get outside.  After naptime yesterday, I strapped my nursling in the sling, put LouLou in the wagon and we were off.  Not off on an easy stroll down the road, but off to the pasture to hike to the spring.

Bo and Boo took turns pulling LouLou in the wagon.  I used the camera to snap a few pictures.  The spring is just outside the fenced pasture down a rather steep hill.  It seemed really steep with a little one strapped on and LouLou scared that she would fall.  We made it down though.  Once we reached the bottom we were rewarded with huge icicles hanging off the bluff.  The recent cold weather had managed to freeze the water coming over the bluff.  The icicles were taller than the littles.  They had an amazing time pulling them off and sword fighing with them.

I had sooo wanted to get a picture of the kids beside the icicles.  The batteries in the camera were dead when I tried.  I was so sad!  We may have to make another trip back out before they melt.

Climbing the steep embankment was difficult too, but I did it!  Just me and the little ones.  I felt proud that we accomplished that together.  I also feel a little more confident about our next excursion.

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