Monday, December 13, 2010

Year 1...on the horizon

 Bo previewing his Year 1 books.

I can hardly believe that our extended Year 0 is quickly coming to a close with Bo.  Back when he turned five he began asking me to do school with him.  I satisfied him with making our own alphabet book on the days he just had to do something.  After the book was finished he kept asking when I would teach him to read.  So since August of 2009 we have been doing a Year 0.  I began teaching him to read sometime that September.
 He has done so well.  I gave him a brief BRI (Basic Reading Inventory) test.  This testing book was left over from my time as a school teacher.  His instructional reading level was 3rd grade.  I am so proud of his progress.
He loves reading!
He loves history!
He does well with handwriting.
He loves art and nature study!
Now if I can just get him to love math.
He seems to like it some days when he can count with his soldiers...
 Other days, he insists on figuring things out his way, even though he gets the wrong answer.  Needless to say, we have had a few talks about heeding instruction, and mommy has had to apologize for impatience.

I am looking forward to Year 1 with Bo and beginning an extended Year 0 with Boo.  I have many things I intended to accomplish before this time arrived.  Like pre-reading all of our Year 1 books.  Well, I have only pre-read about 5 weeks worth of material.  I still have to order Right Start Math.  Yes,  Chris and I have decided to use right start and I am nervous, I feel like I will be learning things right along with him.  I purchased Quiet Time For Kids Volume 1 for Bible Time.  I am looking forward to January when we began Year 1, but I am enjoying the last few days of Year 0 with him now.

Yes, I know we are beginning Year 1 in January, but this is our little school house on the mountain...right?

Oh and I started reading Fables, by Arnold Lobel about a month ago to practice narrating.  He loves narrating!  I am so excited, since the Charlotte Mason method is all about narrating to assess learning.

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Melissa said...

So glad to hear it is all going so well :) You are doing an amazing job, Holli!