Friday, December 3, 2010

Outdoor Nature Hour...Apple Trees

We have three apple trees growing in our yard that we planted about a year ago.  We decided to use our trees as the basis for our nature study on apple trees.  We headed outside with a tape measure and notebook to record the growth of our trees.  Hopefully we can keep a check on our trees each fall and note the growth we see.
Here are the boys measuring the height of the Yellow Delicious apple tree.

We measured the height, diameter, and growth from last years pruning on each of our trees.  We then recorded this information in their nature notebooks.
Here is Boo drawing the the types of apples we will eventually have growing on our trees.

We have:
Yellow Delicious
Arkansas Black
I was very surprised at the growth from pruning on our Yellow Delicious and Arkansas Black apple trees.  They grew about 8 inches this year.  The Cortland had no new noticeable growth, so I suspect we did not prune that one, therefore the growth wasn't as noticeable.
After recording the information in our nature notebooks, we used apples as stamps and ate a few tasty apples too.

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Phyllis said...

What a great record the growth and changes in a newly planted tree!