Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanking Him

This post comes a bit late, but I suppose any time is a good time to be thankful.  We had an extra special blessing the week of Thanksgiving.  After working 21 days straight days daddy was home and ready to play with the littles.  So here are the blessings of our week home with daddy...

boys eager to know..."Will you be home when we wake up tomorrow?"...dreading the day when we says..."No, its back to work."

a trip to Bass Pro Shop to window shop...out to eat at Five Guys with the littles

pitter patter of little girl feet in the early morning...running for daddy hugs

mommy and daddy snuggling in bed...being lazy together...littles piled high on both sides

looking out the window and watching those boys follow daddy around

daddy taking the time to take Miss LouLou on a date to the park to swing and ride her bike and eat ice cream on the way home.

daddy and boys fishing at sunset...mommy and girls sitting on the bank watching

roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire after our fishing trip...daddy camping outside in the yard with the boys

walking in the pasture with the hunt the pet the cats

watching movies together at night...relaxing...littles reward for finishing the story...Old Yeller

being able to invite friends over for a campfire and hotdog roast

our silly thanksgiving picture
our thanksgiving picture


Amanda said...

such lovely photos!

Heather Johnson said...

You should put the fam pic up!