Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drawing With Bo

In the fall, when we began our unoffical year 0.5 with Bo I started teaching him to draw with Drawing with Children.

I read the first part of the book and tried to brush up on my drawing skills before trying to teach him.  Maybe I should say I tried to develop some drawing skills before we began.  When we started learning the elements of shape, Bo picked up on them very quickly.  He is doing great with his drawing and he is very proud of his accomplishments.   I told him that we will practice drawing and in the fall he can enter a picture in the local fair.  I usually enter some photographs in the fair and he is looking forward to entering some of his drawings.

Bo doesn't look happy becasue his Lego tower kept falling and I asked him to take a break so I could make his picture.

I have been using the lesson plans for Drawing with Children located on this site.  This site breaks down the lessons and warm-up activities into an easy to follow plan.  I highly recommend this book.  Bo really looks forward to our drawing time and so do I!

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The Watts Family said...

Oh those came out wonderful. My friend used this book with her children and loved it. I went to school for art so it comes a little more easy for me to teach my children I do not usually follow a curriculum ...but I have read through this book and really like it. Oh I know the upset lego look we have that happen in our home also ~Blessings Love Heather