Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's Moments

Instead of keeping our normal routine today, the girls and I went on a shopping trip with my mom while the boys ran errands with their dad.  We had a fun time together!  It was our first official shopping trip with my mom and we enjoyed it.

Instead of finishing up my nightly routine I invite Bo on a nightime stroll.  It was a cool, crisp night.  The moon was full and a few stars were visible.  We held hands in the moonlight and talked about what a wonderful creator we have.  The talk quickly turned to a lesson on our solar system and stars and planets.  We even located the Big Dipper.

we came back inside and Boo had tears...he wanted a stroll

Instead of telling him to wait till another time, I take Boo on a stroll and we look at the moon and stars and find the Big Dipper too.

we came back in and LouLou wanted to see the

I take sweet LouLou out to see the moon and stars and we talk about how the same God who made the moon and stars made her too.

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