Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Little Man Is Six

Today our oldest turned six.  He is such a blessing to our family.  I am so proud of the young  man he is quickly becoming.  He has taught me so many things over the past six years. When we think back over the favorite ages of our children, we can't pinpoint a favorite. We always love them so  much at the age they are in.  I am sure six will be no exception.  Here are six things I love about Bo:

I love to listen to him read a new book and watch him look at the pictures and laugh when he understands what he has just read.

I love that he will sit at the table waiting to pray before he puts one bite of food in his mouth.

I love to watch him set up battles with his army men.

I love the way he tries so hard to protect his little sisters and make them smile.

I love the way he always wants to snuggle at bedtime.

I love the way he helps me by doing his jobs without complaining.


Melissa said...

aahhhh, boys, sweet boys!
Enjoy your precious 6 yr old fella!!!!

Johnna said...

Happy birthday to your little man:)