Thursday, March 11, 2010

Outdoor Nature Hour #7

Continuing with our outdoor hour challenges, we examined the baby chicks eyes and ears today.  Bo held the chick and we all took a close look at the chick's eyes.  We noticed that the eyes are on the sides of the chick's head.   The boys turned their heads and showed us what it might be like if our eyes were on the sides of our head.  We noticed when the chick closes his eye his bottom eyelid comes up, but when we close our eye the top eyelid comes down.  We looked at the chick's pupils and iris.  The pupils were black and the iris was brown and green.  The ears are lcoated behind the chick's eyes.

Here is Boo showing me where his eyes would be if he had eyes like the chick.

After looking at the chick's eyes and ears the boys drew a picture of a chick in their notebooks and labeled the eye, ear, pupil and iris.

We added duck, Canadian goose and buzzard to our list of birds.
We added some beautiful duck feathers from the park to our collection.

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