Thursday, February 25, 2010

Habits, Revisited

Miss Mason's writings are so rich with information that it takes me awhile to digest what I am reading.  I have been reading volume two lately and especially the sections on habit training.  I believe I will always learn something new and seek to improve my daily mothering habits while I am training my little ones.  There are several quotes that stood out to me during my readings...

this quote speaking  of Edward Waverly...His abilities were even brilliant , but 'I ought' had waited upon 'I like' from his earliest days, and he had never learned to make himself do the thing he would.
Volume 2, pg 64

If my children are never made to do what they ought to do because it is the right thing to do they will grow to be very selfish.  If my littles are only happy and content doing what they like this home would not be a very pleasant place when duty calls. Teaching my children about responsibility is part of the training that I must give them.  Duty does call for a little one.  Some scenerios I can think up after themsleves... sharing with others....considering the need/interest of a sibling instead of wanting their own way, etc.

Obedience in the first year and all the virtues of the good life as the years go on; every year with its own definite work in the training of character.  Is Edward a selfish child when his fifth birthday comes?  The fact is noted in his parent's yearbook, with the reslove that by his sixth birthday he shall, please God, be a generous child.
Volume 2, pg 65

This quote reminded me of something that I read in Shepharding a Child's HeartParents should set aside a time to discuss their little ones strengths and weaknesses.  A plan should be decided on to tackle the weaknesses and encourage the strengths.  Chris and I have been doing this lately.  There are some tendancies we have noticed in our children that we want to help them overcome.  We are still in the process of working out a definite plan to help with re-training the weaknesses.

The physique, the temper, the disposition,the career, the affections, the aspirations of a man are all, more or less, the outcome of the discipline his parents have brought him under, or of the lawlessness they have allowed.
Volume 2, pg 66

This quote reminded me of a verse found in Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Give the ill weeds no room to grow.
Volume 2, Pg 84

These are a few of the thoughts from Chrarlotte Mason and the Bible that I am living with right now.  I am no expert in habit training.  I am daily learning how to best train my children up in the way they should go.

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