Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...Chris

Love Is.....
  • fixing the fire each morning before you leave for work, so that the house will be warm when we wake up
  • building a bookshelf in the kitchen cabinet for my cookbooks, so that I can have a place to stack them neatly
  • crawling under the house in the 18 degree weather and re-plumbing the frozen pipes, so that we can have water
  • checking on Lou Lou when she cries at night and sleeping with her if she is afraid
  • fixing my broken bread machine pan so that I can use it again.
  • coming home from work with a smile on your face and hugs for all
  • leading us in family bible time each night before bed
  • putting on your appliance repairman hat and fixing my broken dryer, so I can dry our clothes
  • helping the boys build birdhouses for Christmas gifts
  • scrubbing the kitchen sink and making it shine without being asked

Happy Valentines Day!
I Love You!


Amy in Peru said...


this is so sweet ;)

Melissa said...

Sweet post! Got yourself a good fella! Happy V-Day!