Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sink/Float Lesson

We went out on a cold morning last week and the boys and I walked on the over grown lot across the road. We found some hickory nuts and also the outer shells of the nuts. The boys picked one up and I told them it looked like a little boat. I suggested we go in the house and float the little boats in some water.

As we were going in, I told the boys to pick up a gravel and a stick. I decided to let them put all of the objects in the water too observe what would happen.


Bo observed that the boat(hickory nut shell) stays on top and the gravel goes down.

We also placed a screw, leaf, magnet, pecans, oragne peels and the sticks in the water.

The boys really enjoyed this and the warm water warmed our cold hands.

Soon the boys were off to the deck with the pot of water to make some soup:-)

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