Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Reason to Breastfeed

Here's a very interesting article. Stem cells have been isolated in breastmilk. Just another reason I am so glad I have chosen to breastfeed my babies. Breastmilk truly is a miracle food!

If you want more information on breastfeeding here are some good places to start:


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Corinna said...

Interesting! I love reading about all the benefits of breastmilk that researchers are finding out about. I don't understand people that don't even give it a try. Especially now when I look at my 12 months old daughter breastfeeding. She does not need it for sustenance anymore, because she eats table food really well, but she longs for breastmilk even after she just had a full meal. She'll claw at my shirt and she'll try to lay down in my arms. And when she gets it...instant peacefulness. We have been trying to wean her afternoon feeding. Some days she's fine with it, others she'll complain until I give in. She still gets 3 feeds/day and one in the night.