Friday, February 29, 2008

Downsizing the Toys

When we were expecting Bo, what kind and how many, toys never crossed my mind. But almost 4 years and two more children later toys are a big consideration.

I have been cleaning out toys and trying to organize the ones we are going to keep. My very handy husband has built the boys a play table. We have this in the living room. Bo's castle and knights are on it right now. Underneath the table we have a Noah's ark, 3 board games and a puzzle, as well as a box of plastic animals.

I have also made a reading/relaxing corner in the living room as well. Complete with a large chalkboard, quilt, two large floor pillows and a basket of book.

In the Bo's room we have a train table complete with many, many Thomas trains, a workbench and tools and a bookshelf.

In Boo's room we have a blocks basket, car basket, and a toy box with a lot of random toys.

Now I have really cleaned out many toys, but I have many more to go.

When cleaning out toys, I first look to see where it it made and what it is made out of. If it is plastic and Made in China, it will probably be gone. (Note: a few favorite toys have been kept even if they are a less desirable material aka: plastic) I have to think about this because Shater puts everything into her mouth!

I am working on searching out toys that I feel are appropriate for developing imagination in my children and making wishlists so when a holiday is coming up I can ask family to purchase gits from the wishlists.

I hope to share future wishlists so that others can benefit as well.

So remember, less is more when it comes to toys and cardboard boxes, sheets and rocks will entertain little boys for hours.


I had rather my boys play outside and enjoy nature than sit in the house with a bedroom full of toys!

Still Learning...


Abby Lee Harmon said...

I need to come over and see your rearrangements that you've made! Email me at and I'll email those pics back to the address you email me from! That way I can save your address in my address book!!! Tell everyone I love them! <3 Abby Lee

Corinna said...

I feel your pain! I have been going through our toys to sell some at Kid's Mart. I tried to turn it into a lesson for Maddie to learn to give some of her less popular toys away, but those toys instantly became her "favorite toys ever" (Maddie). She did part with a lot of toys when I told her that we were giving them to the poor kids and the next day we made a run to the Salvation Army. She told the store clerk that she "had brought a lot of toys for the poor kids so they could be happy and did not need to cry any more"