Monday, January 16, 2012

Orange Smiles...Sticky Chins...and Little Mofs...

This girl woke up from her nap wanting to snuggle.
33.  sleepy snuggles after naptime
She's like that...needing cuddle time throughout the day:-)
After snuggling for a minute...she decides she needs a snack.
Oranges it is...
34.  silly orange smiles through chair rails
35.  sticky chin and little girl grins
After snack she was off to find her new little mop.
"Can I mof (mop) mommy"
38.  Little mops in little hands.
39.  Listening to her singing...amazing sweet the sound
What else can she find to do this afternoon?
She's already suggested she's out the door to find something get into...
40.  busy little hands

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