Friday, January 13, 2012

Counting His Tender Mercies...

13.  Watching the brothers hold their sisters hands...helping them through the pasture.
14.  Sitting down for burgers and fries with all of the little ones along.
15. them in and around the table to learn together
16.  birds visiting the feeder each day...beginning to feel like old friends
17.  puddles in the backyard
18.  a distant bird soaring against the wind
19.  raindrops on the window panes
20.  Little Bitty...tousled hair...waving to me from the bed in the early morning
21.  baby babbles and listening to her try new words
22.  his word piercing my heart in the early morning
23.  a weeks worth of quiet times in the early morning...before the day gets busy
24.  godly women who have traveled this road Titus 2...willing to share
25.  Hello sun...after five days of rain and clouds...this afternoon surprising us with its bright light.
26.  Miss LouLou telling Bo that he colored a pretty viking.
27.  the noise of the a hearty soup...for the cold day
28.  kneeling by their beds in the dark...listening to them breathe
29.  the fire crackling in the fireplace...flames dancing to keep us warm
30.  reading next to the fire all alone in the quietness of the night
31.  Seeing the bright sun rise this morning.
32.  Little Bitty and Boo sharing a blanket this morning...hugging...giggling

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