Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tufted Titmouse

Saturday the boys helped daddy load and split more wood from the storms back in April. When I arrived home from town they were very excited about something that they had found. When Boo opened the box we were surprised by two fledglings.

The little birds were so cute and they were singing such a pretty song. The boys had found them at the neighbors house as they loaded wood with daddy. The birds were hiding inside a well bucket and it seemed like they couldn't get out. After the rescue, dad thought the little birds were old enough to make it on their own, so he let the boys bring them home.

We observed them all afternoon. Bo and Boo fed them a couple of worms and sprinkled some bird seed in the box for them. We looked in the field guides and thought they looked like the Tufted Titmouse.

We had planned on getting a cage and keeping them until they were a little bigger. But sadly, one died that afternoon and the other died the next morning. We're not sure if the boys helped them practice their flying a little too much or if Little Bitty loved on them a little too much.

The boys were upset and drew a picture in their nature journals so they could remember them.


Phyllis said...

Birds are so delicate. They are so hard to keep in captivity even for a short while. That is sweet that they drew them in their journals so they won't forget them. :)

taylormom2six said...

So sweet. Great life lesson too! I love that they journaled their experience.

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