Thursday, September 9, 2010

School Day Picture

Here's Bo today before we started our school time. He's standing by the tree we planted for him when he was just three months old. The tree has really grown a lot and so has he. I forgot to take a picture on our very first day of school this year, but this is close since we have only been back to school here for a couple of weeks. He's such an eager learner and a joy to teach. We are continuing with an Ambleside Year 0 for now and we are planning to begin Year 1 in January.

By the way...

Our little ones are allowed to wear hats in school...
and bring their Bows and Arrows
and use army men as counters for math
and have school time on the jungle gym;-)


Johnna said...

Love your school rules:)

Amy in Peru said...

oh the joys of homeschooling!!!



amy in peru