Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple Orchard Field Trip

Today we took a field trip to the local apple orchard with some friends.  My grandmother stayed with Little Bitty and I got to enjoy a morning with the bigger littles;-)  We got to tour the orchard shop, learn why bees are important to apple trees, taste two different kinds of apples, watch how they sort and wash the apples and see the apple cider room.

Here is Lou Lou getting an apple painted on her face.

The beekeeper explained why bees are very important to an apple orchard.
Without bees to pollinate the blossoms we would have no apples.

The boys listening as the lady explains how she picks, sorts and cleans the apples.

And of course the little wanted to climb an apple tree;-)

Time for a rest on the big front porch.

Taking a break with mommy

And no trip to an apple orchard would be complete without buying a candied apple.
Here are the littles with their first candied apples...

Little Bitty just had to have a bite...

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