Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodbye Summer...Hello Fall

Summer has finally slipped away here in the south.  This week we have been greeted with beautiful sunshine, breezy days...and leaves beginning to fall.

Goodbye Summer...Some things I will miss...
the excitement of little ones as they play in a warm rain shower
little ones so warm, they run out to play in their underwear
fresh food...straight out of the garden
watching the littles devour a watermelon...juice dripping down chins...falling on tummies

Hello Fall...I am looking forward to...
camp fires and marshmallow roasts in the yard.
beautiful leaves crunching underfoot
cool, crisp mornings...warm sunny afternoons
wind blown hair and rosy cheeks...after the little have been outside

picnics in the warm sunshine

Here are some pictures of us enjoying one of the first fall days of the year...

Here we are taking a break from school and blowing bubbles in the cool morning air

We enjoyed our first picnic of the fall...
homemade biscuits, butter and blackberry jelly...YUM!

Bo wanted to build a man out of I talked him into wooden legs and a scarecrow body...
He did most of the work himself...especially the toes
They had to be almost perfect;-)

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