Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mulberry Picking

My brother has a mulberry tree in his yard, hanging full with fruit.  I took the littles to pick some a couple of days ago.  I love picking fruit during the spring and summer.  The boys were so excited about going.  The branches were a little high for us to pick from.  We managed to get 1/2 gallon from his tree and another in the neighborhood.

We thought the mulberries were very yummy! I liked them better than blackberries.  My grandfather says when he was little, they wouldn't let him eat mulberries...but none of us have gotten sick yet!?!  We made a yummy mulberry cobbler and mulberry syrup for our pancakes.

Blackberry and blueberry picking will be here soon...
Until then...here are the littles loving the mulberries!


Johnna said...

What wonderful memories you are making together picking berries and enjoying them so:)

Quinn said...

The birds are taking the first gleanings from our mulberry tree right now. I'm thinking about going out today and seeing if we can get enough to make some mulberry apple muffins we tried last year at the end of the season. They were so good, I've been looking forward to them again all year.