Thursday, June 10, 2010

Couponing With The Kids

So I have been trying my hand at this couponing thing.  Saturday I took the littles on our regular trip to the farmer's market and to pick up our milk.  I decided to stop by Wal-mart and browse the grocery aisles for any sales that might match my coupons.  I was so proud of the little ones patience as mommy slowly went through her coupons on each aisle.  I was proud of my efforts. 
My total at Wal-mart after coupons was 12.90.  I had 9.10 worth of coupons.  I usually do not buy a lot of pre-packaged items.  I tried to clip coupons that were more for whole foods.  There is one box of crackers in the back, but other than that, I think I made fairly good decisions.  I should have compared banana prices, because Wal-mart will match competitors prices, but I didn't.  Also the tomatoes were not on sale but I had a dollar off coupon.  That made them 32 cents.  I could have waited and possibly gotten them for free, but I didn't.  The yogurt was fifty cents after coupons and the taco bell taco items were almost free.  I had tried to buy some wipes but my coupon didn't work.  It turned out is was a buy two get 2.00 off and I had only picked up one. 

Lesson learned:  Read coupons closely and Wait till items are on sale

Next stop:CVS

CVS had Aveeno baby lotion on sale for 75% off.  They were marked 1.84 per bottle.  I had a 2.00 off coupon for two lotions.  So my total at CVS was 2.06

Next Stop:Piggly Wiggly
My local Piggly Wiggly doubles coupons up to 90 cents.  I have printed off several coupons for my butter and ended up buying the whipping cream as well.  The coupons were 75 cents doubled.  The best deal is the whipping cream for several cents after coupons.  I happened upon this corn I had two 50 cents off coupons and they doubled it for me.  Total at Piggly Wiggly 8.00.

All stores total:22.96

Total saved: 17.10

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Julie said...

Great deals! My grandmother saves coupons for me every week from the paper and it really helps out.I have saved as much as $10 at a time on groceries at wal-mart just with coupons.