Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebrating His Gifts...

Yesterday we headed out to a local park in our area. The littles took their bikes and I packed a picnic. Since Chris was off work, he was able to go along. We had a wonderful time strolling around the pond watching the littles ride their bikes and look for crawfish, frogs, minnows and salamanders at the creeks.

brothers...hats on around the pond on their bikes...laughing

little sis...riding the dress blowing...looking so proud...her first time to get to ride on the trail

baby girl...riding in the stroller...waving to everyone who passes

my love and I...enjoying the blessings God has placed in our life...walking along side by side

brothers...peering into the creek...carefully lifting rocks...squeals of delight when they find something hidden beneath

little sis...trying to catch a tiny toad...learning to be brave as she holds it in her hand

After our picnic, I wanted to take a walk over to the wildflower garden. I have been reading a book about medicinal plants of the southern Appalachians. I had noticed a couple of ladies from the wildflower society working in the garden when we arrived. I wanted to walk over and see if they could help me identify some of the plants that were listed in my book. They were very helpful. They pointed out several plants around the garden and even gave me some jewelweed to plant in our yard. I hope the jewelweed does well, because it is a natural remedy for poison oak and I have one little one highly allergic.

Upon returning home, I put the little ones to bed and planted the jewelweed in the yard. I decided to take a walk down to the spring and see if I could identify some plants. Bo went with me while the others slept. We had such a fun time hiking along the creek bed and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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