Saturday, June 20, 2009

I wish time would stand still when...

my sweet baby is sleeping peacefully on my chest... as I smell the top of her head...feel her breathing rise and fall...warm my chest with her little body

LouLou rocks her baby doll...singing softly...smiling at me
she runs to daddy to be scooped up in his arms and held tightly

Boo runs in to tell me a he uses his big boy voice...grabs my hand to show me something outside

he works alongside his daddy...little man... as he learn from the man in his life...

Bo listens intently to a story...eyes wide open...searching my face for hints of what will happen next
he calls me name in the middle of his busyness and mine just to say I love you, mom

my love and I find time for a quick embrace in the middle of out busy days

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