Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Field of Flowers

Sometimes its nice for someone who loves you to show you they love you! Chris is a wonderful husband and last night he did something he didn't have to do to show love to me.

Across the road from our house, is a small field that quickly gets overgrown with kudzu each spring and summer. Since we are putting our house on the market soon, he thought it would look better if the field across the road was mowed. So a couple of weeks ago he mowed the field. After the mowing the beautiful daffodils were very noticeable as well as some smaller white flowers called false garlic.

Well he comes home yesterday from work early so he can mow our grass and the field again. I make the comment that I have really been enjoying the flowers. So he gets the weedeater out and weed eats around the tree and all of the individual clumps of daffodils and false garlic. This takes probably thirty minutes longer.

It's nice to be shown love:-)


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Abby Lee said...

this is sweet! and i'm glad you figured out how to change your background! it looks so cute! that pic of you and boys at the top is PRECIOUS!!! (def. a fair prize winner!) I love yall! <3 Abby Lee