Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Piles

Thank you God for the piles. -Caleb 2 years

It's strange how a simple prayer from my two year old son could pierce my heart and be on my mind all day. But, I am compelled to pray as well...

Lord, thank you for the piles!

46. The pile of food on our plates (to which Caleb was referring)means healthy, nourished bodies.

47. The pile of dishes in the sink mean well fed children and time spent cooking together.

48. The piles of laundry remind me of exploring, active children making messes.

49. The pile of books remind me that I have so much to learn and an eagerness to learn it.

50. The pile of rocks in the swing remind me of my inventive, eager boys building a boat.

51. The pile of toys at the gate (to which Caleb was also referring) remind me of cooperating boys building a house for me.

52. The pile of giggling bodies on the floor mean daddy is home and we are so Happy to see him!

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