Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few more gifts...

53. A pot of chunky vegetable soup cooking on the stove.
54. Baked cranberries and apples
55. An overwhelming immediate answer to a prayer!
56. Homemade yogurt

In response to your comment on how to make yogurt, I did not forget to answer, I was waiting until I had an answer! I take a half gallon of milk and gently heat in on the stove until it is warm to the touch. I mix it with a half cup of starter yogurt (yogurt from the store that has live cultures). I have my oven pre-heated to lowest temp 170 and then I let it cool down a little from there. Place the bowl in a warm oven with the light on and leave overnight. It was more like 9:00 one night until lunch the next day. The yogurt is down when you can tilt the bowl and it pulls away from the sides. I'm still working on flavoring it!

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randa mae said...

Hmm, thank you. That sounds interesting. Would be good to mix in some blueberries perhaps, or strawberries? Thanks for the answer.

Off topic, I wanted to ask you to pray for our family right now. We are gong through some very, very rough times (my youngest stepdaughter in particular, Taylor) and we could really use the prayers. Just for Taylor to get well, and to help our family through this. Thanks honey. Love you.