Monday, December 30, 2013

Some Highlights of Bo's School Year

This year Bo started his fourth grade year.
We finished Truthquest level one and have continued with level two.
He is ready to begin learning about the Civil War.
In math, he has worked on multiplication and four digit subtraction and addition.
He loves to read and he is currently reading Guns of Thunder.
We are working through Rod and Staff English 2 and Cheerful Cursive.
He has recently started the IEW Student Intensive for Level A.  He seems to really enjoy these videos
and his writing is improving.
He is still working through Walking With Jesus bible study curriculum.
Here are some of the extra highlights of his school year.

Bo wrote a book to enter into the PBS Kids writing contest.
The name of his book was Kingdom Wars
I loved the open-up flaps he made on each page as well as the surprising twist of finding the prince alive at the end!
Our local water conservation office held a poster contest
The quote "Where does your water shed?" had to be included on the poster.
Bo used paint and colored pencils to complete his poster.
Here are some of his fair entries for this year.  Bo completed several pieces of artwork.
His multi-media collage pictured above one third place.  He was so excited about winning.  He had not expected to win a ribbon this year.  He also had sewn this stuffed animal for the fair.  They boys had been wanting to learn to sew and when LouLou and I took a sewing class they were eager for us to come home and show them what we had learned:-)

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