Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some Highlights of Boo's School Year...

Boo started his second grade year this year.  We do history, grammar and read-alouds with Bo.  Boo is doing PALS reading with LouLou and his own math program.  This year he has really made progress in his reading.  He has recently started The Boxcar Children.  I am so proud he is finally reading his first chapter book.  He is ahead with his math program.  Here are some of the extras for Boo this year...
Boo's fair entries...
Stuffed animal that won third place
several pieces of artwork...this is his multi-media entry
his pastel castle entry was exceptional...it should have won a ribbon
gourds...he won several ribbons for the gourds from our garden...biggest circumference...smallest gourd...three gourds most alike
peppers-this was an upset...the plate with his peppers on it was labeled with another persons name...it won the blue ribbon...but he did not get the honor:-(
okra-i think he won a ribbon for his okra or maybe I won the okra ribbon
Here is the entry created for the "Where is Your Water Shed?" poster.
He did a great job framing his painted river with green construction paper and drawing animals.
He won third place and 15.00 and I won 15.00 too because I am his teacher!
Boo wrote the cutest story ever for the PBS kids writing contest.  He wrote a story about being in the Missoula Children's Theater play.  I thought his drawings were so cute and colorful!

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