Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beginning Apologia Science...

This year I have decided to combine the boys in as many subjects as possible for school.  One of the subjects that we have decided to combine is Science.  I purchased Apologia Zoology I and we began the book a couple of weeks ago.  The boys love doing science together and I think I get as excited as they do because I am learning so much that I never learned in school.

I love the experiments throughout the book and the boys love working in their notebooking journals.  The first experiment was building two different types of gliders and making a guess as to which wing style would fly the fatherest.  We did the this experiment when daddy was home so he got to participate too;-)

1.  Assemble the gliders.

pizza box
modeling clay
measuring tape

I outlined the glider wing and tail on the pizza box.  The boys and daddy worked to cut them out.  We worked together assembling the gliders.
Bo working on his gliders
Daddy helping Boo
2.  Next the boys guessed which glider would fly farthest.
Boo making his prediction...Long, thin wings
Bo predicted...short, wide wings

3.  We took the gliders outside to fly them.  The boys threw the gliders.  Mommy helped the boys measure the distance and daddy recorded the distance in the notebooks.
finished gliders
throwing the gliders
measuring the gliders

4.  Results...the glider with the long, thin wings flew on average about 25 inches farther then the short, wide wings.

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