Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orange-Tipped Oakworm

A couple of days ago Boo rushed in and asked me to come out and see what he had found.  It was a caterpillar that looked like it might sting so we collected it and put it into a jar so that we could examine it more closely.  A few minutes later LouLou rushed in and said, "Come see what I found."  I went out and it was the same type of caterpillar.

So we discovered that this was an Orange-Tipped Oakworm.  We checked the oak tree in the yard and sure enough there were lots of caterpillars on the tree and on the ground underneath.

Here are the leaves being eaten by the caterpillars...
Bo wasn't happy...this was his tree that was being eaten.
We examined the caterpillars.  Bo noticed the suction cups on the bottom of the caterpillars legs.  They were sticking to his fingers. 
We all noticed the spines because we were afraid to touch it at first.
We drew a picture of the caterpillars in out nature journals.
 I was soo excited to have Miss LouLou participate today.  She turned four in July and she has her very own nature journal now.
Here is her very first entry...She did a fabulous job with a little guidance from mommy!

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