Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun On A Hot Afternoon

It is has been so hot.
So,daddy called on his way home from work
with instructions to ready the troops.
I was in the middle of canning and cooking supper...
We kicked it into high gear.
Because we knew what was coming...
A trip to the creek..a new spot we've found
The creek is fed by a spring, so the water is COLD!
So armed with life jackets...goggles...and a fishing pole...we headed out.
See how Boo is holding his can even see his ribs.
The water is so cold it will take your breath away...So I prefer wading.
And that's O.K.
because this girl won't stay in her seat for long.
The littles fished, collected pretty rocks, watched a snake swim down the creek and crawl into the rock dam
The next day the littles painted the rocks while I cooked supper...
Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the next trip to the creek.

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