Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our LouLou At Three...

"I'm a pretend angel that fell from the sky"...LouLou at three
"Why is Marvin's teeth melted away?"  LouLou asks about our 13 year old dog.

Her favorite things to eat...peanut butter and honey on mommy's homemade bread, broccoli and dip
Her favorite stories...Nora's Castle, Hedgie's Surprise, and Snip, Snap and Snur and the Buttered Bread
Favorite Toys...her black baby
Her favorite things to with her sister...hold her new sister...pretend she's the mommy with her brothers.
She loves...telling me what she will/will not do when she is a wife and mommy.
She also loves helping me cook and painting with the watercolors.
She is very good at...folding towels
We are working on saying...Yes Mommy, Coming Mommy...and having a happy face as she obeys.
She always wants to do something for school when her brother works on his.
And she is also breathtaking...

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