Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This year LouLou and I attended a girl's group called Keepers.  Each meeting focuses on a different aspect of homemaking.  We made and decorated cupcakes, made an apron from a dishtowel, practiced singing, and decorated cards to hand out at the nursing home.

We did not attend the knitting class since I do not own anything to knit with.  I'll have to put knitting on my to-do list.

Here's LouLou decorating the cupcakes.
Her favorite part was eating the cupcakes:-)
Here is the apron she made.  I didn't post a picture of her wearing it because she still thinks you have to take all your clothes off before you put it on.

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September said...

Hi Holli!

Thank you for leaving a comment today.. I would have never "met" you if you hadn't,, and I am so happy to also have found your blog now.

Your new baby is so adorable... aren't these days so precious and numbered? Some more difficult than others, but all a reward.

Your little "tornado" is just like mine... I am still wondering why it took me so many to get one like this. :)

I will enjoy reading thru all of your posts... thank you for introducing me to yourself.