Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun Friday

Lately circle time has not worked out for us.  I have decided to start a Fun Friday to focus  more on art, artist study, music and nature study.  The littles look forward to a day of art and nature.  So, Friday I let the littles fingerpaint.

We examined this painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
 By The Water
Then I pulled out the fingerpaint.  I told them they could paint their very own version of the painting, but the paint on the fingers was much to exciting.  They quickly got distracted with paint all over their fingers. Mixing the paint to see what colors they could make was great fun.
Her first time to fingerpaint.
Boo painting a teepee and a canoe
Note to Self:  Next time we fingerpaint and the phone rings, let the machine get it.
I was gone for five minutes and when I came back, a little three year old with long hair, had started painting it green.

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Cheryl said...

Holli, we do Friday Nature Study and I try to do Art and Music in the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday.

I get the same result! LOL!!! A nice shade of BROWN all over the hands when it is all said and done! = )