Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camping Fun

While mommy and the girls were having some tea party fun, daddy and the boys were camping.

Here are some pictures of their trip.
life jackets...because daddy borrowed a fish in the creek...
proud fishermen
The boys got to see lots of wildlife.  When they got home we heard all about a beaver splashing in the water and the trees it had been chewing.  They cleaned the fish and a snake swam over and ate the skins.  There were lots of wild ducks.  I wish they had taken their nature notebooks to draw some of the wildlife, but instead I've been hearing lots of stories...narration practice right?:-)


Amanda said...

Yes that's the homeschool mama in you."if only they had taken their nature notebooks":)

fun, fun, fun. Some great memories made!

Heather Johnson said...

They are so cute! I just wanted to tell you I havent forgot about the hair bow holders. I finished two of them the other day and I hope to finish the last one today!