Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baking Day

I have been reading this book for fresh ideas and inspiration:

In the book she talks about assigning a specific day a name.  So today was Baking Day for us.  After our breakfast and morning clean-up routine we began our baking day.  The littles all had jobs to help with.

Bo cleared the breakfast table and washed the dishes.

Boo filled the bowl full of almonds to begin soaking, layered the vanilla cookies in the dish for a banana pudding pie, and washed the eggs.

LouLou and Little Bitty prepared the pans for baking bread by rubbing them with coconut oil.

Baby Girl was napping peacefully while mommy was rushing trying to get lots accomplished before she woke up.

Here's what we accomplished today...

3 loaves of spelt bread
2 loaves of sweet potato bread
1 banana pudding pie
sprouting seeds and almonds soaking
beef broth simmering
beans soaking

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