Monday, April 19, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...dry...I can't believe I'm saying this...but we need some rain...seeds are in the ground waiting for a drink...pollen heavy...air needs a good cleansing shower

I am thinking...about my inadequacies as a mom...but His strength is perfected in my weakness...trusting His wisdom that I am the one he has chosen to mother these children

I am thankful for...the boys excitement as we harvest the radishes...our first crop of the year

From the learning rooms...history seems to be a passion for Bo...finished up the he is enthralled with Lewis and Clark...and really so am I.

From the kitchen...thinking about making butter this afternoon with our yummy A-2 milk.

I am wearing...capris...pull-over top...ponytail

I am outline for Friday

I am teach a nutrition class Friday...for moms of other little ones

I am reading...Bringing Up Girls, One Million Arrows, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

I am hoping...that Grandad improves soon

I am hearing...little ones wiggling in their beds ready to get up from naps

Around the house...stacks of books waiting to be read...a never-ending laundry pile...weeds to hoe...eggs to gather...children to enjoy

One of my favorite at the local farmer's market

A few plans for the rest of the week:
visit the nursing home and read to Gracie and Nell
once a month Wal-mart trip
start reading the journals of Lewis and Clark to Bo.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

More about the daybook here

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Spring Time Gifts

a little blue egg...tucked inside a cozy nest...waiting for life

brothers...who are best friends...having lots of fun at the park

my sweet little girl...doing her favorite thing

a bouquet of wild flowers brought to me by one of my little men

new lambs at the kind to let us come and experience this cuteness

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outdoor Hour #11

For our outdoor hour tree study, we chose the beautiful Dogwood blooming in our backyard.  We looked closely to find some living things on our tree.  We noticed moss, lichen, spiderwebs and we think a type of mushroom.  There was also a nice hole that would be a good home for a little creature.

We looked closely at our tree with a magnifying glass and the moss looked like a little forest.  The center of the large blooms looked like a lot of smaller flowers.

We used a piece of paper to make a bark rubbing.  The bark was a little wet from a morning rain so the bark rubbing did not turn out.  We will try again in a few days.
The bark felt bumpy, wet and cool.
We measured the diameter of our tree.  It was 34 inches.

The flowers smelled like honeysuckles or so the boys thought.  I have springtime allergies and couldn't smell much of anything.

We took a leaf inside and made a rubbing of it in our nature notebook.
Several sources we have read said that during the Civil War the bark of dogwood along with a couple of other trees was used to treat malaria.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things I Love...

I love this boy and his duckling

I love this boy and his chick

I love this girl and her dolly

I love this baby and her paci

I love spending my life with him

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time Stand Still

There are moments that make time stand still for me.  It can be the strangest times, nothing happening out of the ordinary.  But it's these ordinary moments that make me stop and want to memorize every feature of my children.  During these moments I think I never want to forget this as long as I live.  Sometimes when I'm having a time stand still moment, I want to remember the exact thing they were doing and the expressions on their faces.

The other day, Boo was outside taking care of the chicks and ducklings.  I just happened to look out the window as he opened the little coop and a chick ran out.  It was hiding behind a bucket and he didn't see it.  He was looking all around for it, trying to count the other chicks to see if one was missing.  (Have you ever tried to count 13 baby chicks and 2 ducklings?)  He finally spotted the chick and got it back in the coop.  I don't know why this struck me so.  I stood at the window and watched and marveled at the miracle of my special little man. 

and today

My nursling climbed up on the hearth next to her sister who just happened to be holding one of those baby chicks.  She leans in for a closer look and squeals with delight as she stares at the chick.  I was drinking in that expression.  She seemed so taken with that chick and I was so taken with her.  Her sense of wonder was so real. 

Spring Gifts

freshly tilled garden...waiting for seed...little ones playing in the resting in the shade

old car seat in the shed...becomes a nest for 8 eggs...mama hen waiting patiently for 21 days to pass

strawberries...blooming..spring has arrived

dusty clothes...6 dusty little feet..running barefoot outside

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Outdoor Nature Hour #10

Today is absolutely beautiful!  It is very warm, pushing 80.  That is perfect for me!  The only thing that dampens my spirits is springtime allergies.  They are definately not as bad as they used to be, but they are still bothersome.

I thought today would be a perfect day for Outdoor Nature Hour Challenge 10.  The challenge consisted of a picnic and using our senses to experience nature around us.  We had PB&J and chocolate milk.  This is usual for lunch.  We all love this.  We are on our last jar of homemade jam.  I am looking forward to strawberry season so I can make some more. 

During our picnic we saw:
blue skies
wild onions
potatos sprouts pushing up the soil

we heard
a rooster crow
a hen cackle
a bee buzzing
a bird singing

we felt
the warm breeze
the warm sunshine
grass tickling our toes

Outdoor Nature Hour # 9

Last week we completed Outdoor Hour Challenge 9.  While the girls napped, I marked off two areas for the boys to observe nature up closely.  I chose a spot near the edge of our yard where it borders with the woods.  I used some sticks I found in the woods to mark off a square for Bo and another for Boo.

Here is Bo looking at his square foot space.

He found:

sprouted seed
insect home or cocoon
clear insect or spider eggs
tiny water droplets on grass

Here is Boo looing at his square foot space.

He found:

moss covered bark
sprouted seed

moss covered bark

Anyone know what this is?