Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outdoor Hour #11

For our outdoor hour tree study, we chose the beautiful Dogwood blooming in our backyard.  We looked closely to find some living things on our tree.  We noticed moss, lichen, spiderwebs and we think a type of mushroom.  There was also a nice hole that would be a good home for a little creature.

We looked closely at our tree with a magnifying glass and the moss looked like a little forest.  The center of the large blooms looked like a lot of smaller flowers.

We used a piece of paper to make a bark rubbing.  The bark was a little wet from a morning rain so the bark rubbing did not turn out.  We will try again in a few days.
The bark felt bumpy, wet and cool.
We measured the diameter of our tree.  It was 34 inches.

The flowers smelled like honeysuckles or so the boys thought.  I have springtime allergies and couldn't smell much of anything.

We took a leaf inside and made a rubbing of it in our nature notebook.
Several sources we have read said that during the Civil War the bark of dogwood along with a couple of other trees was used to treat malaria.


Melissa said...

one of my boys chose a Dogwood too! Gotta get my pics up! Looks like you guys did a terrific job...gave me some ideas! THX!!!!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I love dogwood trees and our town is just bursting out with all their color right now....both pink and white blossoms.

Great entry and thanks for sharing it with the carnival.