Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rainy Day Fun...

It has been so beautiful this summer and fall.  We have not had very many rainy days.  The kids have spent much of their time coming and going from outside whenever they pleased.  So, Monday and Tuesday when it rained almost all day, they didn't quite know what to do.  Here are some things we did to stay busy inside while we got some much needed rain outside...

The boys made their first ever attempts at sewing buttons.  They did get a little frustrated.  I ended up getting the lacing cards out and telling them to practice on those for awhile.
I made a tent and it looked like a covered wagon,  So they got the rocking horse hitched up and they were off!  The boys really wanted LouLou to wear the stayed on only for the picture.
With the covered wagon disassembled it was time for playdough.  Yes, they love it and yes it gets all over the floor and yes I have to dig it out of Little Bitty's mouth...but it entertained them while I cooked supper.

We also sketched a pumpkin and a gourd and painted them with watercolor.

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