Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nature Study Unplanned

While outside playing, Miss LouLou spotted this beautiful spider on the fence.  The boys ran in to tell me I had to come see the most beautiful spider they had ever seen.  I grabbed the camera and they grabbed their nature notebooks.  We marveled over the lovely design and bold colors.  We talked about our Creator and how awesome is His creation.  The little began drawing the spider.  They wanted to get the colors and design just right.

marbled orb weaver
(the pic is blurry, I can't get my video/camera set to focus on small objects)

We learned that these beautiful spiders weave webs in new places every day.

little drawing the orb weaver

I was so excited that the littles took the initiative to investigate this beautiful spider and draw it in their notebooks.  Spending time outdoors and teaching them to observe their surroundings is beginning to pay off.
 Boo's orb weaver
Bo's orb weaver
LouLou cut her drawing up with the scissors.

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